Decoration is not just about choosing furniture in your living spaces and placing knickers, vases and accessories you like. If you want a decoration that is perfect in your home and catching the age, it is worth remembering that there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration from color scheme selection to furniture designs, chandeliers to layered lighting systems, patterns to textures. Here we summed up the best 2019 Decoration Trends.

Decoration Trends Plant

Plants everywhere!

As in 2018, this year will decorate houses with plants and plant patterned accessories. Plant forms will make homes more peaceful, more restful.

Decoration Trends Beige Tones

Complementary colors

Natural wood, green complementary colors will of course be colors of nature. Be prepared for warm beige tones.

Decoration Trends Dark Gem Tone


Dark walls

A period of dark wall was created and depth was added to the rooms. In this fashion, the place is returning in 2019. You can add new air to your house by painting the wall with the shining dark gem tones of 2019.

Decoration Trends Mosaic Walls

Mosaic walls

The mosaic walls that we can perceive as the return to the eighties are the most pleasant trend details of the year. Moreover, the mosaic will not only appear on the walls. For example, we can see mosaic-covered lighting.

Decoration Trends Natural Wood Kitchen

Natural wood

The snow-white, bright kitchens were being the first few years. However, in 2019, this trend will be replaced by natural wood. Our search for a more natural look will be reflected in every field in 2019. Light colors, Scandinavian breezes will mark 2019.

Decoration Trends Ethnic Patterns

Ethnic patterns

2019 will be the year of ethnic patterns. From cushions to bed sheets, from the tables you choose for your wall to your new cake plate team, you can benefit from ethnic influences everywhere.