You are the one I’m looking for ways to deal with the headaches of home invites chaos. That often occur on a regular basis. Whether it’s a matter of finding the different objects are used to manage the pantry of the clutter in the house. Here we summed up the 26 ways to make a house livable

First. Increase the area of ​​the wall as possible.

If your home has a living space is quite limited. And would like to see a home with more space. It also can be utilized cost-effectively. We recommend that you find a wooden battens attached to the wall near the entrance. For the S-hook attached to the wooden slats of different spaces to be used to hang clothes, hats, bags, etc. This will help save living space. And add more space to the home.

Two. Handled daily cleanup. Even slightly.

Clean the drawer. Or different shelves is always a mess. To help with the area and can pick up various items more convenient.

how to make a house livable

Three. Eliminate paper waste to not use it.

The old paper documents that are not valid. To destroy it completely. In addition to being classified as a new paper out of it. Damaging pathogen collection as well.

Four. Finding big box store.

If there are children living at home are also included. I guarantee that. Scraps of paper scribbled drawings referred puck was played out. I have scattered around the house to find a large box into the input of the person concerned, especially naughty.

Five. Classify documents into different categories.

Because, of course, that your work will have important documents on the table is full. Will find it extremely difficult. This we ask you to file these documents put it better. By separating them into categories. To make it easier to find and to use.

6th. Separate bra and panties off.

To separate a drawer. Lingerie is a part. Underwear is a part. Time used to be handled easily.

Seven. Yard sale.

I’ll clean the house was open. What followed was definitely a waste. But some of it is still in good condition. But you can not use. Brought out to sell me. Increase income in the home.

8th., But do not say you do not.

But if it is found. Or say they will do. To pick up belongings tidy. It does not do anymore. I was asked to do the best.

9th. Use the same method with weight control and exercise.

To prevent lazy to manage your home. It is recommended to use a method of weight control and exercise to deploy. With the goal. Determine the exact time. In order to know what to do.

10th. Separate garments.

If your clothes have a lot of the full cabinet. And can not find the store. Separate the clothes into two piles are piles and piles of donations collected. Clothes you do not wear it. Or it is not inserted. Encourage others to donate to the next. The clothes that you can wear anywhere. And did not want to be left behind or donated. Was separated.

11th., Check the label and expiration date.

Whether food, cosmetics to medicine cabinet. Which all have an expiration date. You should therefore check the expiration date as well. Because it means the risk of harm to you if you neglect or ignore to check the expiration date on these things.

12th. Organized space in the bathroom.

Management area use a separate account is like not instruments of brush and brush and toothpaste to the same shaving cream or cream were then placed together in another row, etc. This will make more space in the bathroom.

13th. Had a friend help me with the decision.

Sure, some of the home. You might not think or judge alone. I asked the people in the house to deal with the things that should be kept. Or should be doing something else. Be no problem to fight.

14th. Managed care refrigerator.

Of various dip it in the refrigerator. Removed and stored as a proportion. Anything that does not eat. Or inedible. I was taken out to left. Additionally, the refrigerator will be completed. This will also help save energy as well.

15th. Record birthdays, anniversaries or milestones it.

People often believe that there is a lot to remember. Thus, it is common to have forgotten it. But if some appointments. Some days, you might not be possible to forget actually recorded the phone. Take a book or notebook. It will help you in a constant reminder not to forget any important appointment.

remember birthdays

remember birthdays

16th. Books do a good guide book.

Knowing that your life is definitely not gone over everything. Therefore, finding a good guide book on the subject that interests you. Or read a story, you should know, such as cooking recipes. Books, entertainment, etc., it is another way to make sense, not less.

17th. Classification for it.

You to try the device. Appliances or separate them tidily. It is easy to pick up. It will also help you to know what you can use to have. Or what you should be donated or disposal.

18th. Hanging necklaces or other jewelry together.

For you ladies already. Necklaces and other jewelry is important indispensable. And there are many, many pieces. So keep it as is. It will allow you to easily pick up available. It is also easy to find as well.

19th. Use of existing.

If the home or at work, you have a lot of different things, but have not used them. See that this time must be taken out and then some. Whether it’s a pen. Derived from the free book. Was used instead of buying new. In addition to the use of existing. Also allows you to save as well.

20. The cool book to read.

If you have to travel to far away or take on the go. Try to find a good book or magazine you like to read them on the go. It will allow you to indulge in a subject you like and relieve the monotony of the trip as well.

21st. Give gifts to others like it.

Seasonal or day, you can probably get a season that often. What is your turn. To give back to others what’s important to them. It should be recipients of that can be put to good use, it will be best.

22nd. Storage as a way

It is extremely important that you should do something different to where it should be. If placed in the wrong place. May be harmful. And where there should not be anything blocking it, or put it near the top of the stairs in front of the bathroom and kitchen.

23. The folder image.

Whether you are from where you want to upload or to graph the less it is. It is necessary to make a folder as well. Because the folder is to help you understand it more easily, whether it comes from where I shot. And when taken out.

24th. Choice of built-in furniture.

To make space in most homes. Using the built-in furniture. Or furniture that have been designed to the appropriate size. Perfectly with the areas to be installed. Another option that is very interesting. It also helps to save space. Also useful for storing items such as a sofa with storage underneath. Used in kitchen cabinets etc.

25th. Cleaned house big time.

Then yes, you do not have a clean house big time. Try to find time during the holidays. I clean house big time too. Care every corner. I left the dirt. Furthermore, there may be modifications. Or move some furniture into a piece that is different from the original. It helps to brighten up the home as well.

26th. Collect postcards, brochures enthusiasts together.

If you like to collect souvenirs and postcards were pretty cool or brochures of the places you have traveled to. I ask you to keep it separate. They might find a box to put it leaves. There is a way. It will also gather good memories that you have to meet them as well.