1- Find the Right Position for Your Bed

              The ideal location for a better sleep is that the bed is as far away as possible from windows and doors. It is also not right to lean the sides of your bed against the wall. The most convenient way to position your bed is when the head rests against the wall, while other areas of the bed are exposed.


    2- Stay Away from the Night Light

            In order to wake up more vigorous in the morning, melatonin should be secreted during your sleep. The secretion of melatonin requires a dark environment. So, when you sleep in an environment with high light levels, melatonin cannot be secreted enough. Therefore, you may have difficulty waking up in the morning and feeling tired. In other words, it is among the decoration suggestions for healthy sleep that the area where you sleep is receiving as little light as possible. You can reduce the light level by not selecting bright light sources and selecting your curtains from thick thick fabrics.



     3- Move Away from Electronic Devices

          You may like to sleep by watching television or watching movies on your phone and computer. Maybe sleeping with music is a must for you. But these electronic products are an obstacle to adequate secretion of melatonin. So it’s time to say goodbye to your bedroom with electronic equipment!



    4- Add Separate Air to Your Bedroom with Colors

        It is a fact that colors have psychological effects. Therefore, you should make sure that the colors you use in your bedroom decoration are options that make you comfortable and easy to sleep. In addition, you can choose your comforter from these soothing colors.


    5- A Tidy Bedroom for Nice Sleep

           A very short answer to the question nasıl How to decorate a bedroom? “Alı It must be organized.” Because this is the bedroom, where you sleep and collect energy and wake up refreshed for the new day. However, a complexly decorated or messy bedroom can make it difficult to fall asleep. Long story short, the bedroom decoration should be tidy for a good sleep.