Are you looking new items for your home decoration? You do not have to buy them all. Let’s make it more funny and build them by yourself. Here we summed up 5 decoration ideas diy for your lovely home.

1- Candle Holder

candle holder 5 diy project


A glass bowl, palm trees on that bowl’s neck and hot silicone are all we need. Finally romance candle.


2- Rope Rack

rope rack 5 diy project

Need your notebooks or trinkets new place? It’s possible with a piece of wood and a few pieces of kraft rope. Your creativity depends on the rest. Drill holes from the wood piece’s four corners and pass through these holes through the kraft rope. You can also hang your new shelf on a nail on your desk as a hanger will be served by strings of equal length.

3- Lamps from Empty Bottles

Lamps from Empty Bottles 5 diy project

Make lamps from bottles that are empty. Did you know you could use empty jars to make great table lamps? If you want the area in which you live to see more vivid colors, you should definitely try.

4- Coffee Table with Construction Palette

Coffee Table with Construction Palette

pallet coffee table! It’s both natural and stylish and cost-effective.

5- Your Own Wallpapers

Your Own Wallpapers

Rather than making ton of money on costly wallpaper, keep up with DIY’s great fashions, do it yourself, so do it yourself. You can also decorate your room with beautiful posters as wall decor if you can maintain color harmony.