These chairs have a long history with me. I have been working on them for quite some time now and they have remained unfinished longer than I care to admit.

dining room chairs

dining room chairs

First they sat in my garage stripped for at least 2+ years, then I couldn’t pick a color after I primed them (16 months ago), then I couldn’t decide on fabric so I decided to make my own fabric using art stamps (4 months ago). I covered all the seats and then decided to re-reupholster them using some fabric I had all along. I know, I know, ridiculously indecisive, I drive myself crazy! And though I attribute this indecisive madness to an overly creative mind, nonetheless, it hampers my productivity big time.

And even after all this creative drama, there’s more. I couldn’t find the right trim to finish the edges. Everything in my trim collection was either too narrow or insufficient yardage. I decided to make my own cording but I wasn’t able to manipulate it to form square corners. So I decided to buy some trim. I had no luck with that either. There are few stores and very limited selection in my area. So out of sheer frustration and desperation, I went back to making my own fabric trim. Here’s a closeup of how it turned out.


Primed chairs

So 16 months ago they looked like this


and 4 months ago like this

diy chair after

And now one of them look likes this

The other three are waiting for the their trim. But, I haven’t decided if I really like it or not. I like the seat but the back doesn’t WOW me. I’m thinking about experimenting some more; however, these dining room chairs have been sitting around way too long without a purpose.