Forget about charmless coffee cups and tea and dare to make original and 100 percent deco sleeves to make your daily coffee ritual more varied. Check out our article and learn how to dress your cups and cups of coffee with beautiful sleeves and never burn your fingers again. Inspire yourself from our photo gallery and make the cup sleeve right for you.

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DIY cup sleeve: a useful and decorative accessory

The cup sleeve is a decorative and very useful accessory that helps to keep the drink warm while protecting our fingers from heat. The variety of models is really impressive and makes it possible for everyone to find what they look like. You can make a custom and unique tumbler sleeve if you’re passionate about DIY. So with every sip of coffee or tea, you’ll enjoy an unparalleled experience.

One of the most popular DIY projects is the cardboard sleeve for a coffee cup. These environmentally friendly models are typically made of recycled paperboard, which guarantees a long life of raw materials. For those in charge of the environment, a recycled cardboard cup is an excellent gift idea.

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A cup for cardboard cup can be easily customized, which is easier to achieve. In this case, a beautiful star on the cardboard was used to decorate the sleeve, red thread and a needle. It’s as simple as hi.

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The following proposal promises to inspire you to create an unusual and super decorative isolating cup sleeve at the same time. When it comes to the material you need, you need a pair of needles and a cork strip, long enough to dress a coffee cup, in the colors of your choice. The first step is to stick letters / patterns / words on the cork and sew the ends together to form a sleeve. It’s here!

DIY Cup Sleeve Ideas

It is easy to turn a tissue drop into a beautiful accessory that is both useful and decorative to make a cup for a cup. Simply cut an old shirt’s cuff and if necessary change the place of the buttons. The more color the fabric used, the more decorative the final result.

The trend this year is for gifts from DIY Christmas. Get some inspiration from our photo gallery, roll up your sleeves and realize the idea that was most appealing to you. Above, we present a simple and attractive project to you. The cup cardboard sleeve was repainted in the same red as the container. We added a sort of recycled cardboard label as a decoration.

Here’s another great idea for a cup sleeve that allows us to write to the recipient a special message. This red felt sleeve has been decorated with white adhesive letters reminiscent of a Christmas wish.

If you like to knit, why don’t you try to knit the cup sleeve? The design depends on your preferences, of course, and you can make any other Christmas motif if you want.

We have the perfect idea to introduce you if you want to recycle an old sweater or a solitary sock. Use the available fabric and make a cup sleeve to protect your fingers. Cut out felt figures and glue them with hot glue as a decoration. We’re betting on men with gingerbread in this case.

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